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Стейк хибачи
Ashim's Hibachi Grill
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Ashim's Hibachi Grill

Happy People Make Great Food

Ashim's Hibachi Grill

Local fresh fast-casual dining
for everyone

Mr. Assamad Ashim has fifteen years of experience in restaurant industry. He grew up helping and working for family owned restaurants, and has developed and gained extraordinary skills in service/hospitality industry. He attended and graduated from University of Central Arkansas with Accounting degree and minor in Chinese language. He developed an efficient system for preparing and serving each meal for his guests while still offering best quality products and ingredients at a competitive price. The comparative advantage of the Mr. Ashim’s fast –casual restaurant is, guests will get their orders under 10 minutes once ordered. By saving time for guests and offering high quality and delicious food at a competitive price, restaurant will gain market trust and guest loyalty. Through years of research, passion and gathering recipes from around the world Mr. Assamad Ashim will introduce menu offerings that are fast, simple, healthy and easy to prepare.

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Ashim's Hibachi Grill
Ashim's Hibachi Grill

Our Goal is to Make You Feel Good, Our Food And Guest Service are the Tools of Achieving That Goals.

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